Back Home

We went on a vacation to Ocean City again this year. We stayed on the bay side and were walking distance to a theme park (Jolly Rogers) and the beach. We had fun and spent money at the Boardwalk and Sunsations and Roses. . I was sick but I still had fun. I got the thing I wanted: a pair of faux diamond anchor earrings. I got the last pair in the store! I also bought a few dresses and shoes and a few toys for my nephew. My nephew got a Charmander plush and shark puppets! He loves them.

We are home after a few days but my Pop will return later this week. He will hopefully cook the food we left him. Bacon, ground beef, spaghetti sauce, and sausage. There is also Thasher’s French Fries. We took home the rest.

I cleaned the house and did all the laundry today. I also took a walk. My steps were not tracked on vacation because my fitbit strap broke! I ordered a new one today. But when I did wear it, we were walking to the beach and back so it said I walked at least 7,000 steps. I will wear my waterproof one next time. I was playing in the ocean with my nephew so my Charge 2 got wet!

I made a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and angel hair pasta. I used pre-made sauce but I doctored it up with spices and sugar. I finished while my mom and sister were at the grocery store.

I left my water bottles at the condo in Ocean City so I am using and refilling a plastic water bottle. I drank coffee and water today. For breakfast I had yogurt and coffee. For lunch I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a chocolate sundae Pop Tart. I made my nephew a tree shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich and gave him the other pop tart. We drank milk.

I was lazy while on vacation but I am going to start up my Blogilates workouts again tomorrow. I am happy that I spent time cleaning today but tomorrow I am going to recommit to fitness. I will also eat healthy! I had a lot of fast food during my vacation!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great week! Let’s keep dry under these rain clouds!


25,0000 Steps 2x

I pushed myself twice and was able to walk a total of 25,000 steps both Monday and today (so far). I also did my Blogilates workouts!

I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch. I had fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunch. For a snack I had a protein bar and a unhealthy hotdog.

I am about to read some before I get the kitchen done. I want to get the dishes put away before I eat dinner!


I was able to walk over 30,000 feet! Yay!


My day was great. We had fun and then the shrimp salad my mom made for my great grandfather got stuck in his throat. He has issues swallowing but he is now at the hospital and he is being seen by a doctor. He almost stayed home but we pushed for either my mom driving him to the hospital or an ambulance getting called. He opted for my mom driving. He is not a young man anymore and he needs to see someone who specializes in his throat issues!

While I could have sat and worried waiting for news, I went for a walk to relax. It was a nice walk and during it I got texts from my mom about what was going on. He was seen right away to make sure he was stable but then he was sent back to the waiting room. I have not heard anything since that but Mom is there with him.

My nephew went to his dad’s to see his. He is back now with two new dinosaur toys. Before my Pop had his throat issue, my mom and I had went to Walmart to get Mason a toy for going potty so well during June. I also got a foundation primer. We bought food and beads/chains for making jewelry for ourselves. Mom bought a rose gold chain and I bought a silver one. I also bought a bunch of Poweraid Zero’s. I had bought fruit and protein bars yesterday. I also tried a different coffee. Maxwell House instead of Folgers. I like it. Maxwell House Bold.

I swam in our blowup pool both yesterday and today. I found my old, pretty tankini is a bit too big for me. Luckily I had bought two more swimsuits in my current size.

I feel like I am rambling. I may be but I am worried. He doesn’t take his health all that serious and he plays off a lot of things!


I now am officially in the 130’s! I weighed myself and I am 135 lbs. I feel great about it too!

I leveled up last night! I am now level 23!

I caught some interesting Pokémon. I am hopeful that I get more powerful Pokémon!

I worked out using my Blogilates app for an hour and a half. Then I walked in place for an hour. I met my goal ms and then walked outside for a bit. I am happy that I burned over 2,000 calories during the day!

My Face of the Day was made using the Covergirl Coverstay foundation over my Benefit Porefessional for oily skin. I then applied powder from Elf. I hit pan on it so I want to finish it! I applied concealer prior to the powder. The Nars concealer. I then applied my highlighter, and Nars blush and bronzer. After that I applied my neutral lip liner from Urban Decay and my Allmay pink lipstick. I then applied my primer potion from Urban Decay. Then the Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette. I used the dark brown as liner and applied the Super Sizer mascara. The end!


Maryland is known for it’s crabs but it should be known for a much less pleasant weather phenomenon: HUMIDITY! Today I went for a walk in a sleeveless Michael Kors T-shirt. It is one part stripes and one part zippers! I bought it at Marshals. Anyway, I walked two miles and quickly found my brow moist from the 88% humidity. The temperature was low: 73 Fahrenheit but the feeling was anything but pleasant.

I earlier had Greek yogurt and strawberries for energy. I then went on to walk around the neighborhood.

I came home and washed my face. I felt better but I needed a break from the humid conditions outside. I had lunch. I had a chicken and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread and fruit.

I then went for another walk. This time I opened my Pokémon Go app. I walked around the neighborhood and caught about 15 Pokémon. I am almost to level 23! I did notice the humidity less but my face was moist as before!

I came home and decided to fix my room. I unpacked my hats and hung them on my wall. Then I unpacked my Intax Polaroid camera pictures and hung them on my wall using my friend’s gift to hang them.

I am going to take a shower and do my nails again. I am making homemade beef hamburger helper and rolls for dinner. Of course the rolls are pre-made. Have a great week!

Working Out and Cleaning

I did today’s workouts. I did cardio, I worked on my butt and thighs, and I cleaned the floors of the lower level of my home, and cleaned both the kitchen and the living room. I will clean the bathroom tomorrow! I will also clean my bedroom. It is pretty clean now but I want to clean the floor, dust, and wash my sheets and clothes.

I woke up and snuck downstairs to complete my workout. First I had baked turkey (leftovers), whole wheat toast, Nutella, Jiff peanut butter, blueberries, and a banana. I tried to get a lot of protein before my workout.

I am happy that I have my protein in! For lunch I had nothing but I was not hungry. For dinner we are having stuffed peppers with rice.

Finally ❤️

I have been going to doctors and dentists all week but I finally have the time to workout. Today I met all my fitness daily goals!

I walked in place to get to 10,000 steps. I climbed the stairs to get my 5 flight goal met. In doing so I burned over 1000 calories and I walked at least 4 miles. I did my Blogilates workouts today which were stretching workouts. I also ran (figuratively speaking) all over the house trying to find my Pop’s medicine. We still don’t know where the pill box is so he has to take each pill he needs out individually of their bottles. Pop is only missing his prostate meds because he can’t find the pill bottle but he is looking now!

I am now 138 lbs! That is 8 pounds away from my goal! Hopefully by then I will not be classified as overweight on my Wii Fit U game! I feel a great size now but I miss being a size 7!