I tried for two days to get my workout in but it is impossible for me when there is drama in the family. Not mine but my nephew’s. His father is causing us grief. We talked to a lawyer and I have hope.

I came home and we bought a cake for my great grandfather. It is his birthday today! We sang happy birthday and I cut the cake. I gave everyone a slice and we still had some leftover for Pop to eat in the morning. I probably gained three pounds from that slice, haha.

I will not have time to exercise tomorrow but I will at least try to get my steps in! I hope everyone has a great week, though I probably won’t.


Thrifted Lives

I was finally able to go to one of my favorite stores! Gabriel Brothers. There I found a lot of inexpensive clothing and they all fit great! I then went to Target for a grocery run, where I found chia seeds and protein bars.

Then we came to Taco Bell and got tacos for mom and I. We of course had to get Mason a happy meal. We went home and ate our food and then came upstairs to relax. I went through my clothes and got my too big clothes and put them in the laundry room to wash. They are clean but I want to make sure.

I will be sending them in the bag I got from ThredUP to send for them to evaluate my clothing. If it passes I will get money for each item that sells on their app/website I get a portion of the profits. I think I have a lot of things to sell from when I was a bigger size. I am happy I am finally getting it done.

I relaxed because today was my rest day. Before we went shopping I took a quick walk after breakfast. For breakfast I had Greek yogurt,blueberries, strawberries, whole wheat mini bagel and chia seed peanut butter. That kept me full until 2:30 when we got lunch. I am trying to get more protein in my system. Either from food I eat everyday or snacks like protein bars. I have two kinds: fruit and chia and peanut and other nuts.

Tomorrow I will wake up around 5:30 and and make pancakes with two eggs, a banana, and chia seeds. Three ingredients and I am going to also make a berry sauce with strawberries and blueberries with chia seeds. I will eat some and then store some for later when Mason wakes up. I hope to begin cooking more healthy meals for myself and my family. I am tired of oatmeal and toast, really!

I will be wearing makeup after I clean up after my workouts so expect an Outfit and Face of the Day tomorrow. I will take a photo of my workout gear and my outfit afterwards.

Have a great week and keep active!

Unzipped! (Ipsy February 2018)

This month’s Ipsy bag is all about beauty in it’s original, raw form. No photoshop, no plastic surgery. Just true beauty on the inside and out.

This bag is adorable! It is a pretty pink with a touch of lace! I love it so much I switched out my Coach wristlet for this to hold my toach up products.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Apple Harvest Hydrating Balm

I have used this and the formula is great. I do want to use up one I am working on first but I will put this product in my purse for when I have dry lips on the go.

Put Cosmetics Mini Fully Charged Mascara

Like the lip balm I will hold off on using this product due to my having too many mascaras in rotation now. I do like the fact that it is black though!

Luxie Beauty Blending and Shading Brush 249

I love brushes, especially for the eyes. I love how soft this brush is and I can’t wait to use it to apply my eyeshadow!

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Ligh

Right off the bat I can say this is not my color but I do have the full size in my color. I will give this sample to a friend. But I do love this formula and how a little goes a long way.

Seraphine Botanicals Lychee and Gold Blush

I love the color of this blush! So pretty! I have not used this yet but I will soon.

Overall Rating


This score comes from not seeing anything I am excited about and the only thing saving it is the blush and the bag. I need to redo my style profile to get a better color match for sure though!

Have fun with the weekend!


I woke up around 5:30 am so I of course had get coffee! I am drinking Starbucks French roast. I add French vanilla dry creamer and Stevia.

My nephew is coming home today! His dad had his hair cut while he had his son’s hair cut too. So cute! He is so cute! His cousin called my iPad so I could talk to Mason and he was excited about a stink bug haha!

My face has gotten slimmer with all my exercises. I took a picture of my body but the picture won’t load but I am happy. My body is healthy and I feel great!

I went for an hour and a half walk yesterday and I walked 6 miles! Proud but I can’t do it today because my nephew will come home around noon. Oh well! I will get my workout done before he gets home!

I will show you two days ago. I weighed 140 here. I may weigh more due to muscle but I love how my body looks!

Have a great day! And a great weekend! I want to go thrifting after we clean but I want to look! I will also order Mason his birthday gift soon online! He loves dinosaurs so I have to find him a new dinosaur! Bye!

Dinner is Served

I exercised this morning and did my 10,000 steps. Then my nephew woke up and w had a great day. I planned on making dinner and get to lay down.

When I cooked dinner I turned on the tv and I saw that there was ANOTHER school shooting. It was in Florida! About 7 people died that I saw and many more were injured. I am sad for the people of the community but I doubt that our government will do anything. The NRA is too powerful unfortunately.

After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and talked to my family. Mom gave us all chocolates and Mason gave us the Valentines cards his grandma made for him. Mason got a stuffed cheetah and a set of teeth that chomp on a rose.

I ate my chocolates and sat in the kitchen with my mom while Mason had fun with his iPad. Pop went to the legion for a meeting and we just chatted.

Mason wanted cake so we had cake. He loves Mommom’s cake haha. I just know he will be going to his dad’s tomorrow so I wanted to treat Mason. He is going to his dad’s with valentines cards for his dad’s family.

Well I will go and watch the news. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

20,000+ Steps Today

Today I started on the regular Blogilates calendar! I did the PIIT workout video three times and it totaled thirty minutes. It was a great ab workout. Then I helped my nephew get breakfast.

I cut a slice of cake for Mason and put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I then made myself coffee and had a slice of cake. My mother turned 54 yesterday so my Pop bought her a cake and we sang her happy birthday. We had leftover cake so that was breakfast! I then started walking in place while Mason watched Mickey.

I walked for a while and then I had to stop for lunch. I made Mason chicken nuggets while I had a hotdog. I was craving one! But after cleaning up the mess I changed the dvd and put on another Mickey dvd in. He likes Minnie a lot.

I walked while he watched until I had to clean up the dishes and the rest of the kitchen. Mason was having fun dancing to the hotdog dance. I finished the kitchen and played blocks with Mason. We built towers and then the dinosaurs he played with knocked them down.

We then put on YouTube for Mason. He likes a family who play games with their kids. He watched that until dinner. I walked in place until dinner. I heated up a chef boyardi meal and I had a TV dinner.

My mom came home and we talked while Pop made himself a hotdog and chilli. Mom had a pot pie. Tomorrow I am going to make dinner like yesterday so we don’t have to eat out of a microwave. I made meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy for my mom’s birthday. I will make “fried” chicken tomorrow with baked potatoes skins.

Mom, Mason, and I went upstairs. I had totaled over 20,000 steps during my day! I am proud of myself. I could finish a regular Blogilates video! I am happy that I took the time to do the beginner calendar so I could get stronger before I tried doing the workouts on the regular calendar! I also did the Tone it Up workout for today. It was valentine’s themed. I got that done too.

Tomorrow I am going to workout before my nephew wakes up and then I will walk in place until I reach 10,000 steps. I don’t think I will walk as much as today. I am afraid my legs will hurt tomorrow from today’s activity! I hope everyone has a great week. I will be cleaning and working out so I will be busy! Have a great night!

Rain Won’t Stop

I woke up this morning not feeling like doing ANYTHING. I did though, my 26th day of the calendar. It was Ab Day! I couldn’t walk after though because of the rain.

It will rain until Wednesday. I will walk in place on Monday but I am not while my mom is home sick.

I had bought a new pair of pants from Target and a new sports bra too! Both are medium and fit me great! I also wore my Ariel shirt too, which is a size large.

We went to Walmart to get s toy for Mason. He got this set and a dinosaur toy. He is spoiled!

Have a great Sunday!